This Writer Wrote a Post Worth a Million Clicks! You Won’t Believe What Happens Next…

I’m not just a writer: I’m a writer who has had some of my work published and I’ve been paid for it! This is not meant as a putdown towards people who have contributed works and chosen not to be monetarily compensated – although you really shouldn’t sell yourselves short. Seriously. Get paid in currency. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, and can even damage your brand.

Speaking of branding: it’s the topic of this post, and something most businesses consider at some point. Who are we, or perhaps more precisely: who do we want consumers to think we are so they buy our products? It’s something with which I continue to struggle, because the energy level and enthusiasm I see from many popular influencers would feel false coming from me. Can I be more excited than a three-year-old hyped up on jumbo pixy stix and bottomless soy mochas? YES, I CAN! It’s just not going to happen every day, throughout the day, in multiple posts on Instagram and Twitter (these are links to my accounts! Please follow, Like, and share! When I get to 500 followers on each, I’m going to do a draw free tarot card readings from yours truly). I also am not the cynical, swearing, NSFW type from the other side of the branding spectrum, nor do I want to be perceived that way.

So what is my brand, and why am I here? Will I be lifted and taken somewhere? (Five points if you got that reference without having to look it up.)

  • I am a proud Pinay who is become reacquainted with myself and my culture, after the damaging effects of colonization and assimilation.

This is my brand, and what you’ll find in pretty much all of the writing I do for myself.

Everything else, like my social media accounts and this blog? These are reflections of me: things that I’m thinking, doing, or am otherwise excited about at the moment. It’s my way of trying to connect on a more personal level so you can get a glimpse of me, and hopefully want to support me by buying my stories, books, and poems as they become available. Wait, am I not supposed to say or write that? Well, I suppose that’s another part of my brand: I’m horrible at subterfuge, so I’m not even going to bother trying. 🙂

Thank you for stopping in! I hope you’ll visit regularly.


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